Center of Musical Arts

Oboe Lessons

Materials Required

  • An oboe in good condition that responds freely.
  • Reeds and a reed case. 
  • Water container for reeds.
  • Instrument Swab
  • Method Books (see below)
  • Metronome and Tuner
  • Reedmaking materials as needed.

Please see the General Information page for additional details. 

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Beginning Piano Lessons


My approach to beginning piano is not only to instill a love of music at a young age but also to build a foundation of musical growth that will extend to different musical disciplines, whether it is to continue with piano or to move onto a different musical instrument.

I teach out of a variety of method books to develop a well-rounded musical education including The Music Tree Method, Faber Piano Adventures, and The Bastien Piano Basics as well as others depending on the students’ needs.

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Faber Piano Adventures Series

The Music Tree Series

Lesson Schedule