Materials Required

1. An Oboe

Having a good oboe is very important.  Most professional oboists in the United States play F. Loree models made in Paris.  This is the instrument I play on and what I recommend to serious students who are more advanced.  A younger student does not need to rent or purchase a top of the line instrument but it does need respond comfortably.  I have had many experiences with students attempting to learn to play on bad oboes, only to be discouraged after a short amount of time. The oboe is a difficult instrument to learn to play, and it is not very fun when trying to learn on a bad oboe. Oboes are very fickle, high-maintenance instruments. Therefore, I recommend that beginning oboe players start out with a plastic oboe to eliminate the chance of cracking a wooden oboe.  Cabart, Fox Renard, Yamaha or Howarth Oboes are good models to start with. Always, always, always get the advice of your teacher before making an investment into an instrument! For more information on selecting an oboe feel free to contact me or check out Covey oboes webpage.

2. Reeds and Reed Case


I make all of my students’ oboe reeds and they are required to have two working reeds at all times. The reed-life will vary depending on how often the student plays on it and how well it is cared for. Make sure the reeds are always in a good reed case!

3. Water Container for Reeds

Reeds need to be soaked in water 3-5 minutes before playing. Oboe reeds will not vibrate correctly if they are soaked in your mouth. A water container needs to be in the student’s case at all time. Water containers can be purchased at any double reed specialist website or you may simply use an old prescription bottle.

4. Instrument Swab

An absolute MUST. Make sure to purchase an oboe swab and not a clarinet or flute. Here is a good one.

5. Method Book(s)

I start beginning students on the Rubank Method Books. More intermediate and advanced students study out of the Barret Method Book and the Ferling Etude book. You can purchase these from your local music store.

6. Metronome and Tuner

There are several decent metronomes and tuners available for reasonable prices. I recommend the Korg TM-40 which is both a metronome and a tuner for a reasonable price.  There are also multiple iPhone apps available.

7. Reed Making Materials (advanced students)

Talk to me before purchasing these materials!