University of Wyoming Faculty Recital: Fantasy

Featuring works based on fantastical themes and selected from across all genres and styles.

Date: October 28th 2018, 3pm
Location: Buchanan Center for the Perfoming Arts


Paul Pierne – “Fantasie Pastorale”

Joseph Schwantner – “Black Anemones,” originally for voice and piano

Dirk-Michael Kirsch – “Ganymed” for Solo Oboe

I. Ganymed, the Greek youth, perfect in beauty and grace

II. Zeus, fascinated by Ganymed’s beauty tries to seduce him, by Ganymed maintains his youthful enthusiams

III. Ganymed lies dreaming on a shadow

IV. … then Zeus sends and eagle who takes the sleeping youth up to the gods. 

V. Ganymed becomes cupbearer of the gods and receives eternal youth as a present from Zeus.

Hector Berlioz – “La Mort d’Ophelie,” originally for voice and piano

George Frederic Handel – “Gentle Morpheus Son of Night,” Air from Alceste

Paul Patterson – Phoenix Concerto

Recitando & Allegro Vivace


Allegro Motto


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