Resources for Students

Center of Musical Arts

CMA Lesson Policies Registration Link Oboe Lessons Materials Required An oboe in good condition that responds freely. Reeds and a reed case.  Water container for reeds. Instrument Swab Method Books (see below) Metronome and Tuner Reedmaking materials as needed. Please see the General Information page for additional details.  Order Music Beginning Piano Lessons My approach to beginning … Continue reading Center of Musical Arts

University of Wyoming Oboe Studio

Syllabus Studio Schedule Practice Tools Practice Sheets Modacity Practice App The Amazing Slow Downer App Reed Making Equipment I have a complete list of recommended reed making tools in my reed making video course. You can also purchase reed making kits that are made up of products I recommend from Hodge Products, Inc. Sharpening Kits … Continue reading University of Wyoming Oboe Studio

Materials Required

1. An Oboe Having a good oboe is very important.  Most professional oboists in the United States play F. Loree models made in Paris.  This is the instrument I play on and what I recommend to serious students who are more advanced.  A younger student does not need to rent or purchase a top of the … Continue reading Materials Required